Upstreet logo embedded into reclaimed wood feature wall.

Upstreet logo embedded into reclaimed wood feature wall.

What a cool project to have the opportunity to work on. And we weren't the only ones - walking into the newly opened Upstreet craft brewery in Charlottetown, PEI, you can see local touches throughout. From the locally made barnboard tables, brilliant beer labels, web design, right down to the gleaming stainless steel brewing tanks, this is a community focused hang out, source of quality beer - and quality decor! We'll show you how this design came together:

First we came up with a few mock ups for the fellas to determine the look and feel they wanted for their taproom. It was pure coincidence that one of our designs resembled their growler label already created. We did a little tweaking and came up with the perfect visual impact to showcase the various textures and tones of the wood we used - in striking contrast to that crisp green "U" of the Upstreet logo.

Part of Upstreet's Grrrrowler Labeling

Part of Upstreet's Grrrrowler Labeling

See that super wide board on the left? That is ~200 year old barn wood, peppered with square nails. It melts a wood reclamist's heart! Wood for this project was sourced from our neighbour's barn (with permission), our own collapsed building (which was a community hockey rink in the 1970s), and from the same barn tear down the tables in the taproom were built from. 

The only new wood used was to provide the clean, thin backing to adhere all of the pieces to. This allows us to install the finished piece in panels. Here Lenny is drawing the circle onto the plywood. He will then jigsaw this out and get started on the central design.

Each piece is traced onto paper following the curves of the previous piece. Then each piece is sanded down to create a nice rounded edge. We never counted how many pieces are in this design - perhaps we'll sit down and count them over a pint one day...

Damn, that fresh Upstreet green makes for a nice colour contrast:

After adding paint to the edges and a protective sealant overall, it is ready to go. It took some muscle, but it's up!

Here is a time lapse video of the install. Thank you to Hogie, Joey, Mitch of Upstreet for allowing us the creative freedom to do our thing. It is so inspiring to work with people who are passionate about both their product as well as their venue. There's always something brewin' at Upstreet

Thank you to Hogie, Joey, Mitch, Peter & Katharine for assisting with the install.

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