We recently had a magnificent design realization here at Birdmouse. It was one of those things that probably seems so obvious to an outsider, but when you are right in the thick of things, vision can be a bit murky.

So here it is - the more furniture and murals Lenny had been designing and building, the more we began to notice he had a particular style. Here are some examples:

Do you see the pattern?! Each of these pieces are composed of fluid shapes with an organic flow to them. But we weren't translating this to our wall hangings. When it came to artwork, we had it stuck in our heads that it had to be a picture OF SOMETHING. We liked what we were making, but it was so different from our furniture: 

House, boat, lighthouse, hills.

And we didn't really clue in until we came across wooden sculptures by the late George Morrison. Below is a work titled "New England Landscape":

Photo from http://catholichotdish.com/topics/george-morrison/

Photo from http://catholichotdish.com/topics/george-morrison/

It is beautiful, amazing and so inspiring. Actually, the scope of this man's talent is beautiful, amazing and inspiring. (This was a great article with a little insight into George Morrison's process and the weight of these sculptures!). 

And now Lenny is bringing his signature style into his wall hangings with his latest pieces. Here are the designs he has created thus far:

There is a beautiful sophistication to these new pieces. Through our photo collection of the hundreds and hundreds of unique designs Lenny has created since we began Birdmouse as a hobby, it is interesting to occasionally view the collection as a whole. To watch as Lenny's art evolves in this medium of wood.

We are excited to announce that this new collection, along with several new pieces, will be available in a shop opening in Charlottetown, PEI, this October/November. We will announce the who, what, where and when once things become finalized.

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