We can feel the winter lifting. 

We slept a bit deeper, ate a bit heavier, drug our feet a bit longer, but with the longer days and visible patches of earth, we feel lighter. We have more energy and we are ready to take action in achieving our dreams.

If you read our previous post "Food Island" you know Lenny vented some incredible frustration over food security and poverty on our little island. As a result of that creative outburst, other caring and frustrated members of our community reached out and offered their support to start a free food garden. There was a problem and together we are taking action toward a solution. 

We have seen the power of grassroots movements. The "Rural Strong" campaign happening right now to keep rural schools operating is so inspiring. The combined and strategic efforts of many can accomplish great things.

We are ready for our next action item! We want to grow our little creative studio out here in these woods and invite you in. We are ready to build the Birdmouse Quirkshop, but we could use your help!

We have launched our Kickstarter Campaign to create a win-win situation and get our shop up and running. We are basically having a huge sale of our artwork, jewellery and music, to give us a financial boost and get things moving. So, if you have been considering commissioning your own piece of Birdmouse artwork, now is the time! You get a lower price and we get to build our dream shop filled with our own and other makers' unique & creative treasures for everyone to come explore, shop for, and be inspired by. And there will be great coffee!!

So please, consider supporting the Birdmouse Quirkshop. Click here to learn more about what we have planned and have a look at the rewards we are offering.

We are so excited to make this happen because, to be honest, we get a little lonely out here.

Quirky goods out in the woods.

Heather & Lenny