Perhaps you've seen Lenny's latest creative outpouring:

This is how Lenny describes his reason for creating and distributing this video:

"I had to do this. I've had this bottled up for a long time. I'm beyond mystified at how tax money is spent on PEI. I'm not normally the guy in the video. Today i HAD to be the guy in the video. I didn't enjoy this but i felt i needed to do it. For my own sanity. I suffer daily from mental illness and this was the safest way for me to get out my frustrations. If i were to do this in public i would be restrained and detained. We are programmed at a young age to not get emotional or yell or be angry and its killing us from the inside out. So, from the comfort of my studio, after removing all the pets i released this demon. I've been struggling with ideas of fairness and common sense. I struggle to understand why Its the peoples responsibility to take care of each other by donating food and having fundraisers, when our government spends millions of our taxes on non-emergencies. ONE HUNGRY PERSON IS A CRISIS. There is no excuse for such selfish actions. Money is being misused. We are a small island who's resources need to be better managed. Our leaders are failing to lead. They are failing to provide the MOST BASIC human need and its causing unneeded suffering. When will common sense prevail?"

I was in Alberta visiting my family while Lenny was at home erupting like a volcano. He shared the video with me privately before releasing it into the world. When he asked me if I thought he should share it, I told him, "You are an artist. It is your job to share your ideas with the world in a way that evokes emotion."

The next day he released this modification: 

It is the same message, but much more palatable. Which do you feel more receptive to? Which stirs more emotion/empathy/sympathy? Which, if any, ignites a spark to take action? 

Well, the good news is it did spark action in ONE PERSON who contacted Lenny to take the first step in starting a free garden. And to inspire one person is enough to start something. We will be starting the garden on either our land or our neighbours'. We will keep it simple and will be maintained by ourselves and whoever else wishes to help. The food will be free for the taking, hopefully by whoever needs it the most. Perhaps we will receive donations of time/supplies to preserve food for the winter. If this step makes a positive impact in the nourishment of one person, it is worth doing. Perhaps one day, everyone will have enough to eat on Food Island.

Make art every day.