wood reclamists

salvage wood furniture and decor. for your nest.

salvage wood materials

Our materials are sourced from barn and house tear downs or renovations. Our community provides us with old furniture that no longer has any value. We currently have three century old pianos and about five 100 year old pump organs in our workshop.

All of our salvaged wood materials are sanded and cleaned before they are given a natural, durable finish.

These are, however, reclaimed materials that will have much "character" (re: imperfections).

all natural finishes

Hempseed Oil, Beeswax, Milk Paint, Tung Oil + Citrus Solvent

All natural with zero VOCs

Fully biodegradable and food safe

(occasionally use oil based finishes, when aesthetic demands it - we will always specify this on the product description) 

Click here to read about the finishes we use.

what the name stands for

Birdmouse. Head in the clouds or feet on the ground. We create salvage wood furniture and decor for your nest. 

It is also the name of our first pet cat's toy. It resembled both a bird and a mouse with feathers and a tail.

Our first cat is also pictured in our logo. His name is Banana and we love him.

Heather Gallant - Maker, Admin

Heather Gallant - Maker, Admin

Lenny Gallant - Designer, Maker

Lenny Gallant - Designer, Maker

what we stand for

Leave the world around us better than how we found it. 

Have less of a negative impact on our natural environment and more of a positive one.

Your home is your sanctuary from the chemical world, not a source of it.

how we work

As self-taught artists, Lenny & Heather have been drawn to working with discarded materials. This gives their imaginations the freedom to play and experiment without ruining expensive new raw materials.

During this creative “play”, we have found a flow and a magic of coincidence to the pieces we create. Our studio’s inventory of “garbage” wood always contains pieces of the perfectly required dimensions. The results are unique, original, and often feature soft, organic curves.

Birdmouse designs have a utility and functionality that create an interaction with our art as an everyday object. This interaction brings a subtle environmental consciousness into every day objects, lifting the consumer burden.

The environmental aspect to using salvage wood has become increasingly apparent in our work and lives. The seemingly never-ending supply of beautiful wood that is cast aside continues to overwhelm our ample studio space.

I just gave myself permission to go crazy on this next piece!
— Lenny Gallant


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