Lenny and I have plenty of time to reflect out here at "Free Time Farm". Lately we have been discussing the concept of duality. Light/Dark. Good/Evil. Happiness/Sadness. Asleep/Awake. Winter/Summer. Warmth/Cold. Life/Death. 


Everything seems to strive for balance/homeostasis. On a cellular level, our bodies aim for balance of water, nutrients, hormones, oxygen, blood... On a global level, thinking about this has been blowing my mind, the human sex ratio for our global human population. We are what, around 7.4 billion people now and our sex ratio is roughly 107 boys to 100 girls at birth. Would be more impressive if it was 1:1? Well no, because men happen to die younger of natural causes than women and are more likely to die in wars or of homicide, so it ends up evening out. It worked out for my Dad's family. He has three daughters, his brother has three sons, and their sister has one of each. It's wild. My sister has a daughter - I would bet money that if I was going to have a baby, it would be a boy. I betcha. But when you have a baby, there is a 50% chance for either a boy or a girl (single birth, no anomalies). After you have say, a girl, that doesn't change the odds for your next baby in favour of a boy. It is still 50:50. So how can there be this global balance? This world wide "knowing"?

So I have been thinking about this as it comes to everyday life and the positive and negatives that make up our day to day. I follow a couple of woodworkers who have branded themselves into a sort of celebrity status on Instagram (maybe you follow them too: Aleksandra Zee and Sons of Sawdust?). Anyway, they are both quite open and share information about their personal lives somewhat freely. They each appear to be experiencing much career success, exciting projects, and media attention. They have also each experienced huge tragedies in the last year or so. Ugh! Please tell me this is not some price they had to pay.

I remember watching an episode of Sex and the City a long time ago and the main character had said something along the lines of, "you can never have a great job, apartment, and relationship in New York all at the same time". Is it impossible to have everything? Is that pessimistic or is it just the natural balance, fact of life? Light/Dark. Happy/Sad. Success/Failure. Is it better to live in the middle? In the gray? Or are there only the extremes? If you have suffered hard times, does that mean the light is about to shine brightly on you? These are the rambling thoughts of a rural maker...I am curious to hear what you think about this!