We are Lenny Gallant & Heather Gallant and we are the Birdmouse design team. We work from our studio by the sea on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Much like our namesake, we hunt and gather to find the best wood materials to create items that will make your nest a home. We work with the natural beauty of our materials to create a unique and original aesthetic. We do not simply let the wood speak for itself - we add our voice. By using salvaged materials we are able to experiment with shapes and structures until we find the design that speaks to us and to our individual clients. 

What We Do

  • Feature Walls + Furniture + Wall Hangings + Custom Projects
  • Create one of kind designs using only salvage wood.
  • Design specific to your space (here is the purchase process).
  • Build heirloom quality pieces rich in sentimental value.
  • Design + build for interior/exterior, commercial/residential display.
  • Happily accept your unwanted wood (furniture/renos) otherwise going to a landfill.
  • You can purchase available items in our online shop.


How We Work

A lifelong artist, Lenny Gallant has worked with several mediums (pencil, charcoal, acrylics, sculpture, music) and began working with wood in 2010. Lenny approaches each piece he creates much like he would a painting: he selects each piece of wood based on its colour, texture and how these features will influence the overall aesthetic of the finished piece. He must also consider the woods' weight and strength as it contributes to the piece's functionality and quality. 

Heather Gallant works with finishes, hempseed oil being her favourite to work with. She uses various types, and sometimes colour, to best showcase Lenny's designs and to best protect them.

The environmental aspect to using salvage wood has become increasingly apparent in our work and lives. The seemingly never-ending supply of beautiful wood that is cast aside continues to overwhelm our ample studio. As long as our society continues to discard wood, we will continue to recreate beauty from it.

Why the Name "Birdmouse"?

Well, much like birds and mice - we scurry around collecting materials to create goods for your nest. We have a deep respect for nature and its species diversity and by using reclaimed wood we get to preserve some of that natural forest habitat. We like how our name reflects that love of nature and its diverse inhabitants. It is also the name we gave to our cats' toy, because it resembled both a bird (feathered) and a mouse (long tail). And we love our cats - (Gentleman Banana is our cat's face in the logo at the bottom of this page!).